Saturday, August 30, 2008

Euro Wilderness Leadership Training 2008

The Euro Wilderness Leadership Training (EWLT) of 2008 was an unforgettable experience for each of the six participants.  Here are some of the photos for you to enjoy.  Anthony will be writing the details in the next couple of days....

Monday, August 4, 2008

Family blog

If you are interested in viewing updated information on our family you can go to for the latest pics and stories.  The kids always keep the stories interesting.

2nd Annual Euro Wilderness Leadership Training (EWLT)

And they're off!  

This year a group of five young believers from il rifugio, along with their fearless and somewhat crazy leader Anthony, have left for a seven day adventure they will never forget.  

The adventure will take place in the Italian Alps near Val Pelice and the beautiful Mt. Viso.

This seven day trip is a true call to the wilderness.  For most of the adventurers it will be their first time going into the wilderness for solitude, fasting and prayer.  The trip consists of setting up camp and spending the first evening together discussing the days ahead and enjoying a wonderful last meal together for the next few days.  Then each participant will go to their own tents which are secluded but within sound distance of two other campers.  Each participant will then wake up to begin three days of fasting and five days of solitude and prayer.  This is prime opportunity for God to speak.  Then, on the final evening after the fifth day of solitude, they will all come back together for a debriefing time around a hot meal and a huge bonfire.  

Finally, they will pack up and come home together on Sunday morning.
Please pray for Anthony as he leads this trip that God would give him great wisdom and discernment.  Pray for everyone's safety!  But, most of all, please pray that each participant (Anthony, Andrea, Paul, Kristen, Julia and Amelia) would all return from their time in the wilderness with a clear word from the Lord and a deeper understanding of and desire for communion with our Heavenly Father.